Nenolink Denmark

Obtain a better language and higher value of your texts

Get a professional and quick help for the linguistic side of your texts: documentation, letters, menu cards, websites or manuals and signs/signage.
Even if we use a lot of tools for production and quality assurance, not to mention AI, you will also get a human touch and linguistic knowledge. Also at AI generated texts

Private translations

Translation of your documents, letters and other texts into Danish - cheap and of high quality. Languages are French, Swedish and English into Danish (regarding other languages, we may help, but also via agencies or contact to other translators). We receive documents electronically in Word and Google Docs. (and other office formats). If you send scanned documents and PDF files, an additional fee will apply - you may copy or convert them into Word.  Larger documents like books and alike, may be sent by WeTransfer. We may also copy older documents and translate them, it could be related to genealogy, collections etc. At meetings/events with English/French speaking people we can assist with translations. Or work as a local guide. Of course we keep everything confidential. If you have legal documents or a stamp is required, please contact We will be happy to translate your website/webshop/products into Danish and improve the language. Please note we make multilingual websites and webshops - at reasonable prices - and do our best, so you may be found on Google. Physically we are placed in i Hillerød, Nordsjælland, Denmark. Contact me for prices.  

Your local translator in Hillerød

.Use your local translator and text/language service in Hillerød. Have your texts translated into Danish (from English, French, Swedish or other languages. Both for businesses and private people. Quick, easy and cheap. Your local translator in Hillerød, and online everywhere. This is also valid for proofreading, marketing materials and localization (translations of your websites, apps or IT systems). If you own a webshop, you can have your product names translated or checked up. This is valid for SEO as well. One of my specialties is linguistic revision of web pages, so they work better (read: have bigger value) in Danish. Exceptions: medical texts, legal documents with stamps and alike. Please contact Apart from translations I work with AI and IT, databases, genealogy IoT (Internet of Things) and many other things. I can work as Language and Documentation Assistant. Also please remember we deal with translation/localization of apps and websites. Contact me for prices.  

Translation tools and technology

As a translator I use many IT tools in my job. I am a 100% online in my freelance company. I use a broad range of CAT-tools (Computer Assisted Translation) for translating a large amount of file formats (from Word and Excel, .txt to Indesign) and the give a larger productivity. All you translate in a given project can be stored in a file based database, a Translation Memory. This means that repeated segments/phrases are only translated once, otherwise just applied. One of the most well-known cat tools is Trados. You may include dictionaries and word lists - Termbases. These can be home made or may be downloaded. Some companies even have their own termbases. Termbases may contain several languages. Some companies use Machine Translation. This is a system, which first translates a large, or even huge amount of texts. The text is being edited with Post Editing (PE). Some systems are learning by this process and as such, becomes more and more precise. The translation is being quality checked linguistically: repeated words, punctuation, numbers and measurements, terminology, spelling and consistency. We also have different apps and programs for handling file formats, text splitting etc.). I may give you an introduction or a course in these tools for organizations or companies. If any questions, please call. AI is being used more and more in the translation process and tools.