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Nenolink - Translations, Web, Consultant

We help with your translations, localization and technical documentation
See below the overview of what Nenolink is offering. Web pages under development.


Get an offer of translation from French, English and Swedish to Danish (sometimes other languages). We make technical and more general translations, also proofreading and editing. We use CAT tools and terminology databases, and handle the latest language technology.


In addition to technical documentation, we also translate and localize apps, web pages and software. We have access to large terminology bases, translation memories and translation software. Adaptation to the Danish market also involves SEO. Contact us today!

Proofreading and Post Editing

You can have your texts proofread and refreshed. This applies to both web texts and other kinds of documentation.
Machine translated texts are reviewed and adapted with Post Editing. We use the latest technology. Waiting for your request....

Writing of texts

We write different kind of texts for your business, website or other purposes  Also technical documentation and manuals. We write both new texts and upgrade previous documentation. In Danish.


We help you managing your digital universe so it's related to your business and your activities

IoT and tech support

We want to Inspire your development and setup of IoT solutions. Everything from collecting and processing data via sensors for radio communication to integration on your website.

Joomla websites

We develop your new website in Joomla as well as multilingual websites (like this one). Creating both standard sites at a cheap price and larger projects. Incororating security, content, structure and user-friendliness, we are one step ahead of Wordpress. We would like to set up your webshop. This page is made in joomla and various tools. Joomla is open source and free. Also get help to edit joomla yourself.

Linguistic work og SEO

There are really many web pages, that are linguistically poor or have incorrect content. With fewer visitors as a consequense. We address this and support you in your future web work.
SEO or keyword optimization gives you more visits to your site. We use a large number of parameters to optimize your page. Let us hear how we can help you!

Consultancies, councelling and Service Embassador

Combining a broad background with a thirst for learning new and structuring things

Consultancies and support

Take on consulting tasks in a wide range of areas. Read more, see my CV and call and get a talk. I can usually join at short notice. See my CV.

Taking a job

With my competences and experiences I take on jobs in a wide range of areas: IT support, customer service, travel industry guide, digitization, webmaster, web consultancies, text and documentation employee, IoT and many others. Not even my CV sets the limit.

Interests and knowledge

Knowledgable about: IT, technology,  Web development environment, electronics, biology, science, medicine, languages, cultures, international environments and organizations. See my CV

Service Embassador

Service Embassador from HelpAhead in the hotel and travel industry. Has also been working with Customer Service and willingly take on jobs within the area of travel and hospitality. Very knowledgeable about cultures and international conditions.