Language, Web & IT-services

(Vi pratar svenska!)

Nenolink is owned by Henrik Nielsen. We are a consulting company and perform activities with IT and languages, as well as some other services.

Latest news: Henrik Nielsen is a Service Embassador within the area of hotels/hospitality, conference/MICE and tourism. See details under the menu item Consultant

Nenolink / Henrik Nielsen offers to help you with:

  • Translations from French, Swedish and English to Danish.
  • Other language services as proofreading, web texts, writing texts/Copywriter, articles and books, research, transcription and translation of ancient texts.
  • Websites and online shops like this (standard products and custom products). SEO. Blogs, localization services (technical translation of applications and IT systems.
  • IT consulting and support. Databases, IT and language.
  • Use of CAT tools: Can your company or organization benefit from translation using special software.
  • If you start a company and need a combination of software and configuration of your IT, you can get advice for startups here. The same applies to existing businesses.
  • Social media: Highlight your visibility on Linkedin and strengthen your facebook.
  • Courses in the use of language / translation tools and to use and maintain your site.
  • NEWS: Service Embassador - performing activities and jobs in the area of hotel, tourism and conferences in Denmark and abroad
  • NEWS: IoT - Internet of Things: Consulting, Engineering, lectures, assessment of systems data. devices and radio communications.
  • Consultancies - always looking for new tasks
  • If you have any questions or need for special solutions, please call us.

You can explore our web menus and see the many services I offer.

We look forward to helping you.

Kind regards

Henrik - your translator and partner, your Service Embassador