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Standard and customized web sites and web shops

Standard and customized web sites and web shops

Is it time to get a new website?

Or do you have an old one, which has got too old and need a new one?

Or do you expand your activities so you need a larger system? Then you've come to the right place.

Henrik Nielsen makes both standard web pages at popular prices, as custom pages. We have a comprehensive solution.

For a front page with a menu (6 menu items and sub menus 2-3, max. 20 pages, you get by with about 3-4000 kr. excl. VAT. - Discounts for entrepreneurs, associations and the elderly.

If you need a multilingual site, just multiply the number. For custom designed websites we charge an hourly rate in addition to the standard price.

Additional services: multiple pages and menus, SEO, writing text on Web pages, translation and proofreading of websites, ongoing maintenance.

You can also get a web store related to your web pages - or a separate web store. A particular solution is to make the web store resemble the web site.

You can also get help with a personal or corporate blog and visibility on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can use your own pictures / videos / podcasts or we can help with this.

Seminars: You can also buy some introductory courses in updating and maintaining your website / webstore - Hourly 400kr (discount for the elderly, entrepreneurs o and associations). This also includes making it Google-friendly. The course can be purchased separately and I geve several discounts


You will get a professional solution and the products are made in the following platforms.

Web hotel: - There's plenty of storage, good service and many facilities such as webmail (which can be forwarded) and statistics. Low price.

CMS: Joomla (These pages are made in Joomla) - they are responsive and can be viewed on phones and tablets. Joomla is a free open-source system, which is characterized by being safe, robust and fast. We make your templates (they are not purchased) based on your wishes and taste. There are a variety of extensions to various forms of business logic and association logic.

Webstore: Magento. is a free open source system, which is characterized by being safe, robust and fast.

Let us learn about your needs

There will be pictures and samples later on.