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Other web services

You've probably seen that your web page has a shorter or longer life.

Either because you or your activities have changed. Or, times have changed.

Get inspiration to move forward and create change.

Other websites include

- Better language on the pages

- Better structure of your menus to support your business

- SEO - get hits on Google and make your pages (both text and images) search engine friendly. And don’t forget that google rates you better with frequent updates

- Create more activity on your blog. Get inspired. Or bring your keywords and have texts edited, which you can publish regularly, if you lack the time. We can write about almost any subject. For the time being I translate a few articles in a lifestyle blog.

- Get inspired for your web store. Make it look more like your web page. 


Web administrator

We can help you administrating your webpage currently or when needed. Please contaact me to make appointment.

We can help with technical updates, backups, SSL, text update and proofreading, database updates, new features and answering questions from customers.

Removal of dead links, creating statistics and creating new menus

Webshops can be updated with new products as well.