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Info for translation agencies

Info for Translation Agencies

Nenolink is my personal business, owned by me. I am an experienced Danish translator and freelance consultant.


I have a background working in an international and multilingual environment, with French and English as primary languages.

In my translation activity I am dealing with many subjects and translating in many areas/subjects.
Also translation of web pages and content. I combine IT- and engineering knowledge with language and cultural and linguistic abilities.

I have also dealt with Customer Service work within travel, hospitality, and tourism.
See more in my CV / LinkedIn profile: 

​In my activity Nenolink I carry out tasks for agencies all over the world, but want to cooperate with agencies in Denmark, Scandinavia and the EU.

Availability nd deadlines

See my Contact Page and return e-mails for changed availability.

In principle please avoid same day tasks and always allow 24 hours.

Regular customers excepted. Days are defined as working days.


French / English / Swedish into Danish Translation / Proofreading: Ask about the price.
Other tasks: Ask about hourly prices (calculated by slices of 15 min. of actually used time).
Minimum price/rate per job: 20€

Payment: 30 days after invoice. Bank transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, Stripe and Transferwise Borderless. Invoice e-mails contain a link for direct credit card payment.

Please note it is my policy not to make free tests. 

Indicator of average rates on These are indications of average rates Please note mine can be higher.

Areas / topics

General (almost anything - is generalist)
IT (software, hardware, apps, web, web language and content - localization)
Technical (machinery, electronics, medical equipment, chemical pharmaceutical industry building.
Health (equipment, appliances, anatomy only)
Humanities areas, history, literature, genealogy business etc.
Science and reports.
International organizations

... and many others

I am NOT dealing with areas as: Finance, games, sport, automotive, legal and purely medical, subtitling, transcription. 


Post editing, document editing, file conversion (hourly price) PEMT
Localization (websites, apps, software)
Automatic Translation

SEO (and localization with SEO

Copywriting, Text creation


Primarily Trados 2021, Memsource, MemoQ, Across, Katalyst, Office 2019, MultiTerm, MateCat, XTM, OmegaT, SDL Language Cloud and others.
Open to learning new tools if necessary.
No translation of PDF or graphic files, except for rare exceptions. They must first be converted or OCR-scanned to Word. Converting or scanning by me will be charged hourly as Engineering (min. 30 minutes at 40€/hour)

QA tool: X-bench

Access to various terminology databases and dictionaries.

How I work

Please note that I prioritize jobs in Trados (or other CAT-tools). Word documents end excel sheets will normally be translated using Trados.
I use personal TMs (not supplied) and update delivered project-TMs. I use cloud-based TM tools like Language Cloud, when I find it useful. As a Freelancer I consider myself free to use the tools I need.

Contracts must comply with EU rules and good practice

A guide for doing business in Europe 

Working Hours: indicated in e-mails and on the Contact page. Regarding work following normal Danish business hours. Tasks with short deadlines and weekend work can occasionally be charged at a higher rate. 

Forums and conferences profile:

Privacy Policy

Your information is important to us: read our Privacy policy here

You can print this page for future reference and feel free to connect on my LinkedIn profile or meet for a coffee and a chat.