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Letter to customers may 2020

Important update / news from Nenolink/Henrik Nielsen regarding translations into Danish
I contact you as we have been working together. Here some info regarding availability and registration.
I hope you are safe and sound and that neither you, your family or your company has been suffering. Here everything is OK, no problems, but could get more jobs. We are back to normal. 
Availability and seasons
At the moment I have good availability for your translations/proofreadings and other work into Danish. Please contact me when tasks occur.
I haven't heard from you for some time, but now I am ready again.
New postal address
We have moved to the neighbouring town Hillerød in September last year. Postal address is now:
Kirsebærbakken 4D 1.2
Dk-3400 Hillerød  
Please update in your system or provide a link if a profile in your system has to be updated online (in which case I will verify the information).
It is a nice place, centrally places near nature, forests and a castle. And a fast internet connection.
As you know we have 30 days payment from the invoicing date. This is normal in Scandinavia. If not possible, please let me know.
We have added Transferwise to our payment tools portfolio. They are Germany based and cheap in many countries. Some customers already use it.
Card payment: In our invoicing mail we have added a link for direct payment by credit card via our e-conomic system. You are welcome to use this, and it will probably be cheaper for you to use it. Card payment will save you a lot of time ad fees, so uou may pay faster. It is powered by 
Please note we also use Skrill.
Time zone and business hours (for contact)
In our e-mail signature and on the contact page of my website we have indicated typical Danish business hours for contact (8h-16h). This means we mainly answer your mails during these hours while work can be done at any time, following the deadline. However, I currently read mails on my phone in evenings and during the weekend.
Danish time zone: (here national holidays are also indicated). 
Activities and new products
For more info about my translations activity and other stuff like multi-lingual web page,s please see the pages om my website - for agencies and providers:
Please note I do many other tasks as well, like key word translation for SEO projects.
I hope to hear from you soon and to receive more translation tasks.
Product addition: SEO friendly texts and keywords
When doing localization we often get tasks involving SEO elements. Translation of keywords and web texts can be prepared, so they are more easily found by search engines. Some customers do this work themselves, but we can prepare it. Work like this takes more time and effort, and requires a 25-50 % increase in my standard rate. 
I also make copywriting and setting up all text on web pages in Danish
Detailed info about my translation activity 
Please find information about my translation activity:
Rate 0.12€/word (47€/hour), proofreading 0.04€(15€/hour)  payment 30 days, minimum rate 20€
Capacity approx. 2500-3000 words per day. Using Trados 2019.
Other jobs like special editing (even if involving translation) and consultancies min. 35€/hour
Also SEO localization/translations of websites.
CV: (Please follow on LinkedIn)
Kind regards. 
v/ Henrik Nielsen
Kirsebærbakken 4D 1.2
Dk-3400 Hillerød
Tel +45 49210051
Mobil: +45 31663383
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Twitter: @nenolinkdk
Skype: nenolinkdk
Business hours Monday - Friday:
Core hours 9h-15h
Flex hours: 15h - 17h30
Privacy Policy: Please see my website
News: Now using Transferwise, Skrill and direct credit card payments
Website - did you know I also do localization and SEO, Post-editing, websites, text authoring in Danish, many kinds of consultancies?.