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Service Embassador

I am a Service Embassador from Help@head. Sales Psychology and basic sales.

For information about Help@head on their website here: Help@head.

As a Service Embassador I undertake tasks (consultancy or paid), preferably international, hotel, hospitality, conference / MICE, travel and tourism.

As seen from my LinkedIn profile, I've worked with Support and Service, and have an international profile with the WHO Regional Office for Europe and a long IT and language experience. Get my Blue Ocean© CV on LinkedIn. 

During the (amazing) intensive six week's training in Sales and Sales Psychology at Help@head in collaboration with KEA, I have partly moved myself further into this area. I have taken it as a self-paid addition to my consulting activity. In addition to sales and sales psychology we have dealt with the following areas. We have had guest speakers from the industry. Company visits: WakeUp Copenhagen, Regus Wing House, BellaSky and Bella Center.  

As a Service Embassador, I have provided service and support for two large hotels- and Travel portals during 6 months at Convergys in Helsingborg, Sweden.

The following areas are relevant to me:

Hotel, hospitality (Operation, Technical service, reception, front office, back office, Revenue Management, additional sales, web development, webmaster)

Conference (MICE, conference coordinator, conference host, technical services, webinars, support, equipment, office space, guide, web development, webmaster, event, event design)

Tourism & Travel (Travel Agent, OTA, Customer Service, CSA, support, destination development, tourism organizations, International organizations, sales, service, incoming, outgoing, cruising guide, web development, webmaster, Amadeus).

I have made a case assignment for office hotels.

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