Translation - languages - web - IoT

Consultant Henrik Nielsen

Henrik Nielsen performs consulting assignments in his personal company Nenolink as an IT consultant and more.

I can perform many types of consultancies and is always looking for new tasks.

Web: everything related to web sites, web development and consulting, online stores, blogs, SEO, social media and databases.

Language: Translation, localization, terminology tasks and databases, linguistic consulting, proofing, better web language and teaching. Author of books.

IT: I have a background as an Application Support Specialist, have been working with IT, databases, IT administration and development, servers, Apps, Social Media, technology - can solve many tasks

IoT: Internet of Things - I am participating in different communities.

Starting a business: concept and idea development, consulting, digital set-up of the company, working as a mentor in the Entrepreneur Cafe at the public library of Helsingør.

Genealogy: Research, scanning, advisory, translation and more.

Project: all kinds of project work.